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Hyundai Sonata Transform 2.4 MT FL Reviews


By Jaidev

Price: 9,03,800


A bad product from a nice manufacturer

Pros : Nice styling from the previous versions, powerful a/c

Cons : Overheating of engine, central locking system gets jammed sometimes, bad fuel efficiency and gears get locked sometimes

I am driving Hyundai Sonata Transform for the last 11 months and I have already started feeling as if I am driving it for several years. Just after a month it started giving me hard time. Gears started getting locked in the middle of a busy road and is very heavy to be pulled by a single person and its just a starting guys, car overheated like 5 times and broke down on highway putting me in a situation of nowhere and once the damn car stopped without a reason and become dead, I was not able to understand what just happened and made me an effigy of shame in front of public and my patience get over when I get locked in the car and central locking system jammed and ceased to work.

Car is been to service station 5 times and they took 3 weeks to deliver it back but all the aforementioned problems still persist and the beauty of the whole incident is, they don’t even bother to listen now. Call center added more to my suffering when I call they don’t show up and after sometime I get a callback and I complain and they have only 1 alibi to say “your complain is been escalated and we will see you shortly with the solution”. I shed 15 lacs for nothing more than a piece of junk and it’s a big tension and has given me an all time high alert that Hyundai is nothing less than a cheater.

I have already suffered a lot and don’t think would be able to bear anymore and it’s my final verdict, if you want to live a peaceful life then choose your option well.

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Wednesday, August 15, 2012


This car has decent fuel economy..



Wednesday, September 19, 2012


This car gives decent fuel economy..

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