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Hyundai Verna Fluidic 1.4 CRDi EX Reviews


By Priyanka Rai

Price: 9,03,800


Hyundai Verna – True Value of my Money

Pros : Superb Car

Cons : Nothing

It is desire of every person that he wants to enjoy true value of his hard earned money and wants to spend his money in those investments which return him profit in long run. From this point of view I felt happy when my husband brought Hyundai Verna for my family almost eight months back. Hello I am Priyanka from Asansol, West Bengal. Unlike other families my husband takes my advice before arriving on any decision and therefore when we brought our first car we had conducted enough market survey to buy our car and finally after intensive research we decided to buy Hyundai Verna for our use. I would like to say that although I am housewife and do not know much about driving, but from years I have dreamed that whenever we will buy a car, it would be long in shape, eye catching and which could serve the purpose of staying at home while driving. I would like to conclude that my Verna made my all dreams came true about car, because with huge space it gives me an experience of resting at my room while driving. Moreover during weekends we can go for long drives without any threat of fuel consumption because my Hyundai Verna delivers an economic mileage that we do not wish to come back from long drive and want to continue it for long hour. In simple words I would like to say that Verna is my car which is not only beyond my budget but also delivers me the great satisfaction.

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