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Hyundai Verna Fluidic 1.6 CRDi Reviews


By Babulal

Price: 9,03,800


Hyundai Verna great diesel powered sedan

Pros : Powerful engine , Mileage (18+ km on highway)

Cons : Engine noise, Ground clearance

I was keen on buying a sedan running on diesel engine. Unreasonable price hike of petrol from quite some time was reason enough to swing into action. Finally, I got the delivery of my new Hyundai Verna 1.6L CRDI in the beginning of this New Year.

It has a 1582 cc, 1.6L, CRDI diesel engine that delivers a maximum power of 128 PS @ 4000 rpm. I took my new sedan on the Mumbai Pune expressway and found that it is an excellent car to drive on highways. While it delivered a mileage of 18kmpl, it also gave me and my family the pleasure of smooth, hassle-free drive in its classy interiors.

The experience of moving around in a sedan is obviously very appealing to the senses. And when you have so very comfortable and luxurious interiors, it is like a magical experience.

Hyundai Verna offered so much leg space to front as well as rear seaters that they never felt any fatigue in the travelling.

For me as the owner and driver of the car, it was a great experience too. Its steering controls are awesome. I completely enjoyed the handling and when I cruised at high speeds, the car was in perfect control. I face problems only while driving in rough areas in the city. The ground clearance of Verna is low and as such one has to remain very careful while maneuvering it on rough patches and speed brakers. Otherwise, the ride and handling of Hyundai Verna is very appreciable, hats off!

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