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Hyundai Verna Fluidic 1.6 CRDi Reviews


By Mathew K

Price: 9,03,800


Owners Pride n Neighbour's Envy

Pros : Looks , Gizmos , Power , Torque

Cons : Very sensitive Steering , Rear Seats too low and not so comfy for long drives and expects only two people to sit at the rear as it has a hump in the middle , . Rear Veiw will be blocked if you have th

The New Verna Fluidic is definitely an eye catcher! The day it was displayed in the showroom I had an opportunity to see it, as showroom happens to be very close to my home. I was impressed by it looks , The 16 inch Radials , Headlamps and the sleek design across the body on the sides are really very cool and clubbed with two exhaust's which gives a very sporty look . The looks will tempt you to get inside the car. I rate it 5 with out any doubt in my mind

I found the interiors to be well designed and more contemporary, fluidic has got good quality plastic all over and you can see that with the perfect finish across the interiors. the car which I am using right now ( Manza Elan ) has got all the latest gizmos like blue and me , Steering mounted audio etc however I see that in fluidic it shows what is quality all about. The front seating is comfortable however one needs to lean a bit more to get inside the car (Ingress n Regress). I felt comfortable sitting in the drivers seat; while i took the test drive , however felt that seat could have been a bit higher , then the sales guy explained me that one can raise the height of the driver seat , which I did but not much improvement but better than before ( I am 5.9 ) , May be because i got used to Manza seating comfort :). Space is adequate for 5 people however rear seats encourage only two people to sit. Rear seat is a way too low however its comfy and one can lean back to a comfortable position, My guess.. It may trouble you in long drives!. I rate it 3 because of poor rear seats and Driver seat height adjustments which are very crucial in any car. (When expectations increases by its exterior looks one needs to match accordingly with interiors too)

I drove a 1.6 L Diesel Engine for Test drive. As soon as I held the steering wheel I said to myself wow , its very sensitive and should be great to drive in the city , Its really matched and exceeded my expectations. It took apx 10secs for me to get adjusted to the steering as it was very light and responsive. The pickup is good and does not give you any jerk when you accelerate further . It was smooth sailing , however when i touched 120+  I was not confident enough to accelerate further because i felt i may lose control on the vehicle as the steering was too sensitive but the car had the power and willingness to go further. Very less turbo lag, i would say negligible when i compared my existing car. I bet you guys city driving would be a pleasure and one can manure the car at their will and wish, you will not be tired at all and on the other hand it will be a pleasure driving in the city. Fuel economy i cannot comment because i haven’t checked it , but company claims apx 22kmpl for 1.6 L Engine and one can use the sixth gear for maximum fuel efficiency. Gear box is very smooth and you will like it. I rated it 4 because for its one of the best and powerful engines 1.6 L , minimal turbo lag and for the BHP apx 125

I would say ride quality in the city will be excellent and it is and handling too on par . The questions arise only when you want to get on to the National Highway and want to cruze. The car has the power and the zeal to take you to the your desired destination with panache however I doubt if the person behind the wheels will have it or not because of its sensitive steering and bouncy rear ( As suspension is very soft )  while driving on high speed. I personally feel, once we get used it it everything will fall in place. Its only a matter of time.  I rated 3 because of the less confidence it gives me on high speeds. Linea has much much better road grip and ride quality and handling. The question is how often do i go on long drives at above 120+???


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Monday, September 26, 2011


I have Hyundai Verna and really proud to have it. it is so comfortable to drive and control.



Saturday, October 22, 2011


Hyundai Verna Fluidic is a good stylish car. is a nice luxury type car



Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Hyundai Verna is my favorite car. I totally impressed with its stylish looks. Even the interior is also cool.



Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Hyundai Verna Fluidic is excellent design and will be a perfect competitor for the similar sedans in Indian market.



Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Its truly a class vehicle and well written too which talks about pluses and minuses !

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