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Hyundai Verna Fluidic 1.6 VTVT SX Reviews


By Gajendra

Price: 9,03,800


A very good car with some petty issues

Pros : great design, marvelous interiors, good mileage

Cons : rear seats, delicate bumpers

I am Gajendra Ahluwalia from NCR, I brought my white Hyundai Verna petrol this year January. The sedan is one of the best looking in India with feature filled elements inside the cabin.  The sedan offers a decent mileage of 11-12 kmpl in city and above 15 kmpl at times, but once a magic happened and I was able achieve 17+ kmpl on the highway. But this didn’t got repeated after once.

Anyways, apart from this there are also some issues like the bumper of the car is very plasticky and fragile, as the fog lights from the front bumper got separated with a mild thrust in the bumper to bumper traffic at NOIDA. After which I got it fixed by a renowned dealer, but it just fells every time and till now I have got it repaired more than 4 times in span of 15 days. And this seems a communicable disease as the other intact fog lamp is about to fell, as current it seems bulging out and ready to land. This actually puts a huge question mark on the durability of Hyundai products in India. I actually again went for Hyundai car as I was pretty satisfied with Hyundai Santro, which I drove for 6 years.  Another negative is there is too little space for rear occupants and in long drives my mom and dad, who are 57 and 60 years, get their legs cramped.

Besides this there are loads of positives too, like I am a sporty person and always stretch this 1.6L engine to mark a speed of 145-150 kph, but never got any kind of noise or rattling sound from the engine whereas the gear shift is smooth and is handy in city. The gadgets inside are just fantastically done that keep you engage for long time.

Hope Hyundai will address this concern of mine and may come up latest edition minus these issues.

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Tuesday, May 29, 2012


I like hyundai verna in grey color, because its curves looks sharp in grey color.


Lucky Singh

Monday, June 11, 2012


Hyundai Verna is having so nice comfort and also excellent features.



Thursday, March 28, 2013


plaining for hyundai verna 1.6 VTVT SX ........please give me some suggestions regarding this moto............it will be helpful for me to set my mind

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