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Isuzu MU 7 4x2 Reviews


By Golu Gupta

Price: 9,03,800


Isuzu MU7 seems a power packed strong rugged musculature

Pros : Rugged Chassis, powerful engine, luxurious fluffy interiors, easy to drive with awesome handling

Cons : Pricing needs revision, third row space is small for an SUV

Finally we have Isuzu in India; another Japanese manufacturer is trying his luck on the land of unlimited opportunities.  I have been a great lover of SUV’s from the very starting and have already tasted the fine driving of some of the pioneer SUV’s. Bored of the conventional offerings now I have something new in my bucket, introducing myself I am Golu Gupta, an engineer from Patna and a sports freak. Going on raunchy exhilarating and exotic drives is my passion and in order to fulfill my passion I need rugged SUV’s. Eyeing to purchase my 6th hulk, I was evaluating my options and yeah here I banged with my next partner, “Isuzu MU 7”.

Long drives require great comfort and my next task was to carefully examine the comfort level Isuzu’s MU7 offers. So in order to come on the consensus I took a test drive and my findings are pretty impressive. Interiors are like a 5 star suite everything is beautifully affixed at their right place. Seats are very comfortable, broad and fluffy. Japanese pay a lot of emphasis on the interiors; I noticed gear head, legroom, sitting comfort, a/c effectiveness, luggage space, shock absorbers softness and their effectiveness in handling the rough patches and the total experience was very satisfying, I have given a green signal to it and I am sure you would also love it.

After testing the new Isuzu MU7 on my benchmarks I saw it to my family for the final approval. My mom and dad got very happy when they sat on the seats and admired the softness of the vehicle. My kids loved the stylish looks and my wife has a positive preference for a big car and the inside space resulted in a yes from her. So now I have my new SUV finalized, if you are also looking for the one just have a look at it.

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