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Jaguar XK Petrol V8 Coupe Reviews


By Om

Price: 9,03,800


Luxury on wheels- Jaguar XK

Pros : ultra-lavishness in terms of interiors, superb exteriors and good engine

Cons : extra heavy on pocket

Jaguar is a well now luxury car brand in the Indian car market. It has always been a dream to buy a Jaguar car, but because of high price tags, it is still a dream. But one of the cousin brothers has recently purchases a brand new Jaguar XK Petrol V8 Coupe. The car is a true definition of luxury on wheels. There is nothing that this car doesn’t have. First the powerful engine of 5.0 litre is absolutely dynamic and keeps the ability to give out peak power and torque of 510PS and 625Nm respectively.
The six speed automatic transmission coupled with the engine is spectacular and assists the car in delivering a superb performance. Next on the list is its amazing looks that managed to take by breath away in a single glance. The car front facade is terrific, while the rear has a very premium appeal. The interiors are loaded with almost every feature. On the other hand, the safety department is well-equipped with ABS, EBD, brake assist, airbags, great suspension and superb ride and handling. I hope to buy this car as well, but the heavy price tag is keeping me away from it.

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