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Jaguar XKR S Reviews


By Vicky

Price: 9,03,800


JAGUAR: The exclusive car! Is it?

Pros : Stunning Looks, fit and finish, luxury, elegant and comfortable interiors

Cons : Needs to improve technology, Navigation system is slow, no voice activation, very expensive

Hey everyone! This is Vicky Jambwal from the city of Baroda sharing my experience of owning a Jaguar XKR S. As soon as I saw the car on road I was so impressed by its super luxurious look and the style it carries I longed to own this very good looking variant of Jaguar. I didn’t even take a test drive of the car and purchased at the earliest possible. I got the car in a royal maroon shade and the car has no doubt become my style mantra and my status symbol. After owning the car all I find is some good and bad things about the car which I can share here with all the prospective buyers.
Good things first always the car has got a stunning royal look which will always help you steal the show whenever you take the car out on a drive. The car’s finishing is done fabulously just as a sculptor makes its favourite sculpture. No words to define the car’s beauty. The luxury it offers is unmatchable undoubtedly. The interiors of the car are the cherry on the cake. They are so trendily designed and so comfortable and spacious that you refuse to come out everytime you are in it.
Apart from the looks, design, style and comfort the car disappoints when it comes to technology. The car is an expensive one or rather overpriced one. And when one buys a car at this rate one expects something at that level. The car’s technology does not go with the car’s price. The navigation system of the car is hell slow. There is no voice activation. Although the car is a very good car no doubt but there are a few things that could have been better. I just wish that if a company wishes to take this much money then it must satisfy the customer in every way. I hope the car comes with an improved technology in the future.

So my purchase and ownership of the Jaguar XKR S has been a mixed bag of emotions.

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Thursday, August 9, 2012


I never experienced Jaguar but this XKR S is awesome with its looks. It's having stunning exterior looks.

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