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Mahindra E2O T0 Reviews


By Akshay

Price: 9,03,800


Mahindra Reva E20: Doubts pop up in mind

Pros : Compact design, excellent mileage, modern interior design

Cons : Not yet but seems not to be a family car, looking expensive

I am Akshay writing from New Delhi. Well, the much awaited electric car is now in the town. Mahindra Reva e2o, the first electric 4 seater passenger car seems to be offering good features but every person has some doubts in the mind before buying a car, so I have. First of all the price seems to be expensive. Reva E20 price which starts at 5.96 lakh does not stand by the features it is offering.

No doubt it is an economical electric car but it doesn’t mean we have to shell out extra bucks and compromise with comfort. Moreover some questions pops up in the mind like suppose I am in the traffic for more than 1 hour, does the battery discharges? Like if we often face such things when we ride a petrol or diesel car. How will the rear passengers enter the car when the door entry is only for the front passengers?  What happen if I am in the middle of the road or in traffic and my battery drains off. Does it have any backup system or similar thing?

So these things and many more are matter of consideration before buying such cars. As far as Reva e2o mileage is concerned, it’s a fair deal company is offering. For a normal city commute, 100 kms in a single charge is enough. Also the company is offering modern information display which will guide the driver throughout the journey. It’s a compact size car which would not abide by conditions applied on a family car. But overall it’s a matter of time when we get to know more about it.

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Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Hi Akshay, I am Ravi writing from New Delhi. One of the questions asked by you was that if someone stuck in the traffic, does the battery discharges? Well this question would have certainly on the minds of the engineers when the car was in development stage. But simple answer I found is that it draws battery power only when the driver presses the accelerator and there is no power consumption when the car is idle. Only AC and music system are exception to this which draws very minimal power. Another interesting thing I came to know about the Mahindra Reva E20 is when some person is in the middle of the road and battery runs out of charge than we can activate reserved power by simply placing a call to the call center or through smart phone application named ‘e20 smart app’ of the company. The ‘REVive technology of the company is behind this stuff. So we are not out of option wherever we go. As the car has only entry doors for the front passengers so I also got confused that from where will the rear passengers enter into the car? It is as simple pulling some switch. Yes, the passengers can enter easily by pulling a switch located by the front seats by which the front seats will recline and it shows the way for rear passengers. One of the striking things we must all know that in heavy rains the water doesn’t seep into the battery because of car panels bonded with the frames. Apart from all these questions, this car fulfills the purpose of entertainment. It comes with a high class 6.2 inch LCD touch screen which will keep updated the driver throughout the journey. The amazing stereo system plays everything from DVDs to Ipods. Connectivity features will include Bluetooth, USB, Aux-in and Micro SD card which are common nowadays and also need of the hour. A navigation system giving information on 1200 cities and covering 1.5 million kilometers; along with points of interest like ATM, charging stations and restaurants. That’s amazing I think. As far as Mahindra Reva e20 mileage is concerned, no doubt it is exceptional delivering over 100kms on a single charge. But I didn’t agree with the logic given by the company on high price of the car which it claims that it offers annual savings of Rs. 85,000 in comparison to petrol car. It totally depends on the user commute. Overall Mahindra Reva is a fair deal from the company and I will be buying this car in a couple of months.



Tuesday, March 19, 2013


I had owned an electric bikes company before and had faced similar questions from our buyers. In traffic jam the car battery will never drain off, even if you keep your car on for days you will just loose 10% of battery charge. And getting stuck in traffic and loosing charge, in such case a road side dhaba or a small hotel will be your fuel pump just order chai samosa ,request him to charge your car and by the time you settle his bill your car battery have charged to carry you 20 kms. Is it not fun?

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