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Mahindra Quanto C2 Reviews


By Sneha

Price: 9,03,800


Mahindra Quanto is the safest car ever

Pros : Safety features, spacious and trendy

Cons : none

Hi people! This is Sneha from Mumbai and I have recently bought Mahindra Quanto C2 which is the ultimate SUV launched this year and has become very popular in short time due to its fab safety features and great handling. The SUV is only available in diesel version which makes it more demanding. It has been launched near the auspicious occasion of Diwali and has even brought a lot of happiness for me. I bought it for around 6.50 lakh and trust me guys, this is the most reasonable SUV in the market.

With its extra supportive features, especially safety features, the SUV has never disappointed me. The SUV is the base model of Mahindra Quanto yet very much suitable according to me. The central locking is the best feature in this car which has always maintained safety of the occupants even in the worse situations. Power door locks and child safety locks are another feature which doesn’t let the users be worried of things like theft, some child’s mischief and much more. Seat belts with pretensioners work at their best to provide safety if some mishap occurs. If users forget about this feature then the car gives a seat belt warning to the users. Also the door ajar warning is helpful.

Not only is the safety of the car a major characteristic but also the performance which either, on road or off road, on a hill or down a slope, on a rough terrain or on a smooth highway, this SUV never disappoints me. The engine, the brakes, the gear box, the suspensions, everything works smoothly to give me a great driving experience. The SUV is very spacious which makes it even more comforting and let me enjoy the drive even more with my favorite song played in its advanced music system with a soothing sound quality.

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Friday, December 14, 2012


Are you from Mahindra? For C2 version I think the safety features which you get in this car are required for it to be calling a car. Othervise it will be an open door cart. May be I guess you are referring to C6?

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