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Mahindra Quanto C8 Reviews


By Sahil

Price: 9,03,800


Powerful Mahindra Qaunto

Pros : powerful engine, a very fresh and good design, highly comfortable interiors

Cons : the car has a very low mileage

I have been driving the powerful, safe and value for money Mahindra Quanto C8 since the last four months and I have been very much satisfied with it which makes me very happy. I should say that the car is a very good. The car is stuffed with many features which enhance the comfort, safety and driving pleasure of it. It has a very good cabin with comfortable seats in it. The AC in the car is very good and effective. It cools the car in just the moment you start the car.

The car has a very good music system which is very important for a person like me who loves his music on the go. The space available in the car is very high and enhances the comfort feeling of the car with a huge amount of legroom and headroom. I should mention here that the car has a very powerful engine which is very much needed for a good SUV to enhance the feel of power which any SUV highly requires. It has a beautiful design which feels to be quite new and refreshing as compared to the stereo typical SUV design of the Indian market. Even after all of these good things about the car I am not much happy with the mileage of the car. Apart from this I very much love the car.

I am a little worried as the winter season is coming and I live in the city of Srinagar where the winter can be a bit harsh at times with snowfall. I do not want to have any problems with my car and decrease my love for it. Hence I have been doing my part of research to support my car in this tough season. And I would like to share the things which I have found out with you all so that you can also take good care of your car and increase its life.

To start with I have come to know that it is not good for a car engine in the cold chill of the winter season. It is advised that you should start the ignition of the car and leave it ON for a few moments, at least three to four minutes. This will get the engine of your car warm enough which is very good to do before a long journey. Using special tyres which are made exclusively to give a good grip to the car in the snow and even on the frost covered roads which can be quite slippery and hence can be quite dangerous for you. Apart from these two things it is also good to keep a regular check on the fluids of the car especially the antifreeze which helps the car during the starting of the engine in chilled seasons.

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Friday, October 12, 2012


how come you are driving this Quanto for past 4 months as it was released on Sept 20th 2012?



Friday, October 12, 2012


Mahindra Quanto looks really stunning...



Monday, October 15, 2012


Mahindra Quanto is value for money car.



Thursday, October 25, 2012


Are you working at mahindra? if yes then alright and if no then how come u are driving this car for last four months? the launch date of mahindra quanto was 20th Sptember.

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