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Mahindra Thar DI 2WD Reviews


By Prakash

Price: 9,03,800


Driving in the rally with Mahindra Thar

Pros : good handling, good suspension, good mileage

Cons : lacks many important safety features

I have purchased a Mahindra Thar DI 2WD couple of months; around three months. I have bought this car because I wanted to buy a car which can help me participate in the number of rallies all around the country. My requirements from the car which I wanted to buy were like any other amateur driver who is participating in such kind of competition, I wanted my car to have a lot of power, I also wanted it to be really sturdy and tough, and I also wanted it to be really comfortable. I kind of like my choice of car, and due to that I have won many awards with this car.

I really like the suspensions which my car has, the suspension make the drive feeling very comfort in any kind of terrain. The suspensions of this car also provide a very good handling and it gets very easy and comfortable to drive this car. The suspensions of this car are not the only one which can be held for the good handling and the comfortable feeling this car has. The car has also been installed with a very convenient power steering. This power steering really eases the driving this car. It is easy to handle this car in any kind of street or terrain. The car has been installed with this feature, and it really makes the journey very comfortable.

The car has been fitted with alloy wheels and tubeless tires, these things are very important if you have to drive a car in the harsh terrains most of the times and do not want it to give up on you on any important circumstances like a race, or especially when the it is time of night. The car also has been blessed with front fog lamps which really help the visibility in the time of night or when there is too much fog during winters and it gets very hard to see anything at that time.

The particular variant which I own surely does miss out on some of the very important safety features like anti lock braking system, EBS, brake assist or even any airbags. But this car has central locking and that is for sure. As the car misses out on the some of the very important safety features I do not like it very much. I had to get some of these features installed in this car from outside as they were very important for me as I take this car in many competitions. Other than that I like this car and there not many things which I want to change in it. There is another thing in this car which I like very much. And that is the thing that it gives a good amount of mileage in the city as well as on the highways.

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