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Mahindra Verito Petrol 1.4 G2 Reviews


By Rohit

Price: 9,03,800


Not very satisfied with the Mahindra Verito

Pros : fresh looks, good handling, efficient air conditioning system

Cons : low mileage, no safety features like airbags or ABS

I am a businessman from Indore. I own a transport business out here. I have always wanted to have a luxury car for myself and my family. I wanted to buy a car which is fresh and is powerful; hence I purchased the newest Mahindra car the Mahindra Verito Petrol 1.4 G2. I really liked the way in which the company has promoted this car. They took this car and came out with a very strong ad campaign which boasted about masculinity.

I purchased this car right after I saw a TV advt. The car boasts about pretty good looks and good performance. And this car really delivers that much potential to its core. The car has been fitted with a very powerful diesel engine which delivers quite a lot of power I should say. The car which I own is the latest version or variant of this series and it offers a lot of things in both the aspects the exteriors and the interiors. The car is now made more luxurious and comfortable. The car gives a spotless driving experience just like the manufacturing company claims. The car delivers a mileage of 11.5 km per litre to 15 km per litre and I think that it would have been much better if this car could have given more mileage.

The exterior body has got a very smooth and flowing feel to it. The interiors of this car has been tried to incorporate a luxurious feel but unluckily the manufacturers have failed to do so.  One of the things which have broken my heart is that this car does not have any power windows, the power windows are missing not only in the rear but in the front as well. I really wish that this car had power windows because due to that the luxurious feeling could have been enhanced a lot more. The car also does not provide very much energetic drive as the car does not have a very powerful acceleration. The car has a power steering which is a very good thing as it makes the car much easier to drive.

The car lacks many important luxury features like a CD player. I really wish that the car had a music system; that ways it could have been more luxurious. The alloy wheels are also missing in this car. The car lacks highly in the safety aspect, as this car does not have any airbags, anti lock braking system or central locking system. I really wish that the car had the features which I talked about, that ways this car could have become better with more features in luxury and safety.

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