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Maruti Alto Green LX Reviews


By Shantanu

Price: 9,03,800


Alto Green is my choice- no Alto and 800

Pros : fuel efficient, low maintenance, highly affordable on long as well as short term

Cons : lacks some comfort as well as the safety features.

I have decided to wait for sometime and go for the Maruti Alto Green LX rather than being in a rush and going for the Maruti Alto 800 or the Maruti 800. The car is definitely not green in its color as the name suggests it to be but it is named so due its environment friendly features as it runs on CNG and hence reduces the pollution to a very big extent as it does not emit the toxic or hazardous gases in large quantities like the petrol or diesel cars. The CNG kit is fitted in the car at the time of its manufacture by Maruti Suzuki India.

The car already has the title of best car across the world wherever it is launched, and I think that the launch of its CNG version will add more stars to its name. Maruti Suzuki has already been successful in selling about 2 lakh cars which is powered by this alternative fuel known as CNG or Compressed Natural Gas. The car is proving to be very successful in big or cities like Delhi and Mumbai and different parts of Gujrat. The reason for this car’s extra success in these areas is because of the easy availability of CNG pumps or refueling stations. I have done my personal research and found that the use of CNG as a fuel for the car reduces the running cost of car by about 60 %. The two pillars on which any car get successful is the performance and drive ability of the car.

The Maruti Suzuki Alto which is powered by petrol is already very successful in the market but I should mention here that there is hardly any difference in the CNG version and the petrol version of this car when it comes to the car’s performance in any aspect. The car manages to give a very good mileage of 20 km per litre, which makes it very affordable to any small middle class family. I personally like the looks of this car, as they give an impression of a perfect compact car. I also like the fact that the car is very nicely priced which makes it to be a very affordable car in both the long run and at the time of its purchase. However I dislike or I should say that I do not like the fact that the car lacks on some comfort and some safety features. But I should say that it can prove to be a very good car for any of the middle class families who are looking to buy an affordable car.

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