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Maruti Alto Green Std Reviews


By Sneha

Price: 9,03,800


Maruti Alto Green– A ‘Paisa wasool’ product

Pros : Low maintenance, good fuel economy, strong built and powerful

Cons : no features

When you think of buying a value for money car, the first and cheapest vehicle that comes into mind is Maruti Alto. If you talk about the most preferable and economical car in the Alto range it is the Maruti Alto Green Std that incurs less expenditure. I also own the same car and for regular usage within the city, the Alto Green is undoubtedly the best car one can trust. The first reason to buy this car is its low maintenance that any middle class person can afford. Besides this, the mileage of this car is truly commendable. When you run it on petrol the mileage is around 18 kmpl while on CNG the mileage is around 15 kmpl, but yes the cost of CNG running is too low compared to the cost of petrol.

I also appreciate the tough built exteriors that the company has blessed this car with. The metal sheet used in its construction is much better than the quality of metal used in cars like Tata Nano and Santro Xing. Though, I run this car on CNG, but the power is so good that it gives the feel of riding a premium petrol hatchback.

This is the basic variant of the Alto Green line-up; therefore it is without any feature. In fact, I had to install features like AC and music system from outside vendor.

Overall, in my perception, Maruti Alto Green Std is the best and the cheapest available CNG car that gives you a feel of riding a sports hatchback. But the bottom line is “It has no features”.

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Thursday, May 24, 2012


Maruti Alto is the cheapest car with enough good features.

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