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Maruti Alto K10 LXI Reviews


By Sumit

Price: 9,03,800


Best value for money

Pros : Sleek design, very good fuel efficiency, best city ride, low turning radius, good handling and very easy to drive vehicle

Cons : Interiors are cramped and sometimes makes me feel suffocated

When it comes to car I still feel a lot about my Alto which I destroyed completely in an accident or it will be very right to say that my Alto sacrificed its life for my sake. Incident happened on national highway when I was heading towards Delhi and after leaving the mid way approximately 2 miles ahead a car coming from the front at enormous speed hit me. I spent two months in coma and it was Maruti’s high build in quality that saved me that day. Car sacrificed completely and saved my life. I am going to purchase a new car but still the glimpse of my Alto fascinates me and I am looking forward to buy Alto again. I took test drive of the all new Alto to find out what Maruti is offering and I become very happy after taking the test drive.

Exteriors are improved a lot with beautiful looking headlights and gorgeous sidelines. Tyres are now broader than the previous version and suspension has been improved a lot. Interiors look refreshing and car is now more spacious from inside, boot space is also increased to a good level. Under the hood I found an all new K-10 engine which is more powerful and provides a better coordination between a/c and pickup. After sales service of Maruti is best in class as we all know and maintenance cost is not a matter of much concern.

Overall it’s a best vehicle I ever drove and a much trusted ride on long drives. Maruti Alto is a good definition of a family vehicle that serves at best all the time and comes at a very reasonable price.


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Aakriti Sharma

Monday, June 18, 2012


Maruti Alto K10 is really very comfortable sleek design,fuel efficient, comfortable for long drive best car for small families.



Monday, September 17, 2012


Maruti Alto K10 is a small family car. It's complete a dreams of middle-class families.

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