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User Reviews of Maruti Alto LX (6)

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

By Chaitan

One step higher by Alto as ALTO 800

Pros : stylish, great handling and spacious

Cons :lesser safety features

Maruti has recently launched its newer version of Maruti Alto as Maruti Alto 800 in the same price range as of Maruti Alto of about Rs 2.40 lakhs. The car is but obvious more stylish and superior to its previous versions in every way. Taking about its base model and comparing it with the higher.... [...]

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

By Namrita

Maruti Alto - treasure the brilliance

Pros : stylish, great performance, spacious

Cons :pickup

Maruti Alto is a decent car out by Maruti for a Middle Class range. A car with minimal features of comfort and safety and also the car with nice and altered stylish looks to represent different from its former version is the new Maruti Alto LX which is the upgraded version of Maruti Alto. I.... [...]

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

By Kapil

The only car with deepest penetration and it’s a middle class’s favorite choice

Pros : Good looks, amazing fuel economy, easy to drive, Maruti’s inbuilt trust and low turning radius

Cons :Cramped interiors and tacky material used to build interiors

Alto, a great car and it can be best defined as the marvelous piece of engineering which took Maruti’s huge reputation to the apex level and increased their penetration to the smallest of the middle class families where only few of the car manufacturers were able to reach and that’s.... [...]

Thursday, November 10, 2011

By Om

20 kmpl with petrol engine

Pros : Good looks, marvelous mileage, smooth aerodynamic design, very low turning radius, high ground clearance, Maruti’s long term commitment of quality

Cons :Cramped interiors, fragile material used to build exteriors tend to break easily on a small accident and outdated styling for a modern customer

I have been driving Maruti’s Alto for over a year now and it’s a great vehicle to own especially for people who are going to purchase their first car and want a long term commitment of quality, durability and low running cost. It’s been a marvelous one year and I am much.... [...]

Monday, October 3, 2011

By Sunaina

Gap filler between Maruti 800 and Wagon R

Pros : Looks cute, excellent average, less maintenance, ease of maneuverability and last but not the least trust of India’s biggest car manufacturer and king of small car market

Cons :Bad pickup with the AC on and very less power seems like running a “JUGAD”, best for money conscious people

I have an Alto LX since May 2007 and till today; I have done around 50000 Kms. I was a bachelor and just need a car for daily use (home-office) and also my budget was 3 lacs. So I opted for an alto and till today, if not very happy, I am satisfied with it. So here are some facts based on my.... [...]

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

By Dilip

The best economical car

Pros : class leading mileage, economical

Cons :moderate looks, lack of convenience features

Buying Maruti Alto wasn’t a tough decision as it is way better than any other car of its segment. When planning to buy Alto about two years back, the time when I was looking to by my first car, most of friend suggested buying Alto or Maruti 800. But with a minor gap in price, I decided to.... [...]

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