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Maruti Alto LX Reviews


By Sunaina

Price: 9,03,800


Gap filler between Maruti 800 and Wagon R

Pros : Looks cute, excellent average, less maintenance, ease of maneuverability and last but not the least trust of India’s biggest car manufacturer and king of small car market

Cons : Bad pickup with the AC on and very less power seems like running a “JUGAD”, best for money conscious people

I have an Alto LX since May 2007 and till today; I have done around 50000 Kms. I was a bachelor and just need a car for daily use (home-office) and also my budget was 3 lacs. So I opted for an alto and till today, if not very happy, I am satisfied with it. So here are some facts based on my experience:

Till now I haven't faced any technical problem related to engine or suspension or a/c. etc, it’s a trouble free car. Fuel economy is perhaps best for a petrol car in city it gives 15-17 kmpl and on highway close to 20 kmpl, pretty amazing mileage with a/c on. Spare parts are cheap and easily available; also there are lots of service centers available, you will find at least one in your vicinity too, so maintenance is not a problem with Alto. The A/C is not great but still can chill you within 12 to 15 minutes.

Pickup with a/c is very poor; you will have to turn it off if you need to overtake. The interiors are very cramped specially the back seats, not enough space for luggage and rear legroom is not enough also rear headrests are not available. It is extremely difficult for tall people to get in, and they will always feel like been imprisoned in a very small cage.

If you are not a passionate driver and need a conveyance for a family weekly outing purpose then is really a car that can solve your purpose and will fetch you your investment back on resale.

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