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Maruti Alto LX Reviews


By Kapil

Price: 9,03,800


The only car with deepest penetration and it’s a middle class’s favorite choice

Pros : Good looks, amazing fuel economy, easy to drive, Maruti’s inbuilt trust and low turning radius

Cons : Cramped interiors and tacky material used to build interiors

Alto, a great car and it can be best defined as the marvelous piece of engineering which took Maruti’s huge reputation to the apex level and increased their penetration to the smallest of the middle class families where only few of the car manufacturers were able to reach and that’s the reason why Maruti has the title of being the best, it’s the only Indian manufacturer who understand the needs and requirements of their people well. They have the widest variety of vehicles suiting well the needs and requirement of all categories of people. They are good in serving old wine in new bottles too and whenever any of their cars loses grip, a quick amendment and reshape up of the features do marvels and again they come up like an unbeatable champion.

I have been driving Alto for the last 5 years and it’s my first car. I never faced any difficulty and I take a daily drive of close to 30 kms. I have driven it close to 40000 kms and still running with the same tyres and parts. Almost nil expenditure on maintenance cost and after sales service is best in class and all of this at a very reasonable price of 2.4 lacs. The only glitch is the power which is less for a vehicle with such a nice AC. Car runs smooth and is equipped well to tackle all kind of roads.

Alto can rightly be said as the best value for money it fetches and it’s a best option available for people going to buy their first car and the beauty of the fruitful investment is that you would be able to recover most of it on resale.

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Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Alto is a one of the best and grant car for Middle class man.

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