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Maruti Alto LXI Reviews


By Piyush Singh

Price: 9,03,800


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Pros : Great mileage, economical, AC

Cons : Clutch, Gears, small boot


I have owned this car for a long time and I definitely look for an upgrade. It’s just that you get too tired of the car soon and look for better options however the car is good and quite reasonable in price.  The car fails to offer anything different or unique than its counterparts in the segment. More than 30,000 kms of its drive have now left me with the following conclusions. 
The exteriors are satisfactory with a side windings and curves. The Structure is that of a Typical Maruti Car. The Car is quite small in looks even from the closest look at it from the outside. The headlamps in the front are well suited for this kind of a design; however rear is disappointing and doesn’t look so well.
The Interiors of the car are much more fibre like and the positioning is very compact due to the small size of the car. The Steering although is well positioned. The Display din including the speedometer is somewhat more huge than expected and something that looks a bit odd one out. AC vents are well in place. The seats are however not that comfortable but satisfactory. The leg space is fair, but you can get more in other cars of the segment. The boot space is fairly okay.
Engine is less powerful and so is its pickup. The Best thing about the car is its mileage which is a charm even with the AC switched on. 
The Clutch constantly gives me a problem. I am now used to take it for servicing every now and then. The car as mentioned earlier is good on mileage on highways, but sometimes one needs to think beyond that and now i regret not buying a Santro or an i10. The Car demands a lot of maintenance. The car is not well suited for long distances as the engine heats up soon and the linen seats give you fatigue. Brakes are good and the gear shift is satisfactory.
The Car would be well suited if you are not looking forward for spending much, otherwise I would recommend checking out Hyundai Santro or an i10 and others in the same segment. The Car is good for mileage conscious people though.

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Thursday, September 22, 2011


The Maruti Alto is amazing car in this time indian auto market.it is deadly good for small family.The car mileage is wounderful.it is cute and small care and very perfect each we can park in any place.it is comfortable for indian road.This car mileage and pickup more than Wagon-R. it is so easy to handle with very low maintenance.



Monday, October 10, 2011


Maruti Alto is very popular in India after Maruti 800. It is small car in Affordable price.



Friday, October 14, 2011


It seems that the Hyundai Eon is looking to replace it...

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