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Maruti Alto LXI Reviews


By Prashant

Price: 9,03,800


Maruti Alto 800 better than the Simpler Alto

Pros : Alto 800 is more stylish, has better features

Cons : Alto is older

I have been thinking a new small car since about a month now. My demands are very simple and straight like most of the customers of small cars. I want the car to come from a reliable manufacturer’s name, comfortable, should be a bit stylish with a comparatively new design, should have a low cost – both while purchasing and during the long run and I also wanted the car to have some luxury features. I have been thinking to buy Maruti Alto till the last moment, and then my close friend told me that Maruti Motors have launched the crossover of Maruti 800 and Maruti Alto, the Maruti Alto 800. After my friend’s advice to stop for some time and go for the latter one. The latter car is very new to the Indian car market as it has launched very recently whereas the Maruti Alto has been in the market since a very long time and hence has become very common on the Indian roads.

Therefore I have got more inclination towards the Maruti Alto 800. It is very new, has a fresh design and is not very common on the Indian roads till now hence it gives the feeling of owning a fresh car altogether. When I talk about the features provided by the company in this car are almost similar to the Maruti Alto but there are still some visible changes in the car. Accent on speedometer, inside door handles, fabric insert on door trims, 3 – spoke steering wheel with metal finish, sun – visor for driver and co – passenger and there are still some more to be told about this car in features. One thing which I love about the petrol version of this car is that even when this car is priced just a little below 3 lakhs, it does not miss out on the essential comfort and luxury features.

There is also an additional safety feature to avail in this car. I can also pay a little extra money if I want an airbag on the driver’s side to enhance the safety aspect of the car. Even though I have made my mind pretty much to buy this car, I am still a little confused over the fuel choices of the car. I am bit confused over whether to buy a petrol version or the CNG version.

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