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Maruti Alto Std Reviews


By Vikas

Price: 9,03,800


Maruti Alto – Upcoming heart ruler

Pros : Efficient, economical and might be priced low

Cons : It will be too early to comment on it

Hi friends, I am Vikas Dhankar from Surat and I want to share my views about the upcoming small car, Maruti Alto 800. Friends, first of all let me tell you that I am currently a proud owner of 2007 Maruti 800 and driving it has been a pleasing experience. Never in my life I felt that I made a wrong decision after purchasing it. I have driven it for more than 100,000 kilometres by now. With the time, I am looking for some other modern car like the one which I own.

In my perception, Maruti Alto 800 is perfect car that matches with my needs. After the 800 being phased out, the arrival of Alto 800 in India in coming months is undoubtedly good news for the small car enthusiasts. However, the price of this car is still not out by the company. A buyer like me would consider the Alto 800 a worth buy if it is launched in the price range of Rs. 2.25- 2.50 lakh.

Moreover, another point of discussion would be the features that the Alto 800 is going to have. Generally, the entry level Maruti cars come with LXI as their top end variant which doesn’t offer much features. The Maruti Alto 800 may also have the LXI variant and I am expecting that unlike its predecessors, this car will have some additional features to attract buyers. If not much at least Air-conditioner, Music System, ABS, Front Airbags, Central Locking, Power Windows and Power Steering should be introduced in Maruti Alto 800.

It is good that the company is going to install this car too with an 800 cc engine, but I would certainly expect that the fuel efficiency of this car will pretty much higher than the oldie Maruti 800. My current Maruti 800 gives mileage of 17 kmpl practically although it is too old, therefore I will expect that the new Alto 800 should deliver mileage of at least 19 – 20 kmpl. Moreover, it is my suggestion that like the Tata Motors planning for a diesel model launch for the Nano, Maruti should also get into the work to develop an efficient diesel engine for this little car.

It would be interesting to see when the car maker launches the Alto 800 in India. I have heard that Maruti Alto 800 will be launching next month and in my point of view too launch around Dussehra festival in India can be a cream time to launch this little sensation. Let us hope that the company launches Maruti Alto 800 at a right price and at a right time and gets similar response as the old Maruti 800.

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