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Maruti Omni LPG STD 5 - STR Reviews


By Anant Vyas

Price: 9,03,800


Maruti Omni is going out of demand

Pros : Good space and affordable

Cons : no power steering, AC, central locking and lacks all essential features

Hello! I am Anant Vyas from Raipur, Madhya Pradesh. I have a transport business here and also run some vehicles in some schools here in Raipur only. I have a few cars like the Innova, Qualis, Scorpio and some Maruti Omni LPG STD 5 which I have deployed in some schools here. These vans were good when these cars like Innova and Scorpio were not in market. But now the parents demand to remove these vans from school and replace them with some modern cars like the Scorpio and Quails. There are a lot of reasons for this.

No doubt the Maruti Omni LPG STD 5 has good space and according to me is an ideal vehicle to carry children from schools, colleges and coaching centres. Also this van is very affordable and easy to invest. But the parents do not think from this point of view. Even sometimes I feel that the car has some features which are badly missing. First of all the van does not have a power steering so I prefer other cars more because it is much easier to drive them. The van has now started giving relatively less mileage from before. So this is not proving to be more economical for me now. The issues of the parents are different from mine.

The van does not have a central locking system so I have to be more cautious with the small children and the parents are worried about the safety of their children. The van is not air conditioned which is a big issue with the parents as their children get very panicky in the summer time. Also a lot of essential features which are there in all the present day cars are missing from this one. No power steering, no CD player, no central locking, no air conditioner, no power steering and a lot more things missing. So these are the reasons why this van is going out of demand these days. I think it needs some changes badly and as early as possible.

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