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Maruti Swift Dzire Tour LXI Reviews


By Lokesh

Price: 9,03,800


Dzire Tour could have been better!

Pros : Decent price, good looks

Cons : certain luxury and safety features absent

The new Maruti Swift Dzire Tour LXI was good enough but just for the sake of a test drive and
perhaps nothing else. The new design from the Maruti is no doubt excellent but only looks and no
accessibility makes it an incomplete asset. The interiors lack even the most common features such as
power windows, there is little work done with the instrument panel since there is no audio system or
anything that fills the empty spaces in the front. Also there is simply no work done for the safety of the
passengers or the driver.

Maruti Swift Dzire Tour LXI lacks ABS, even frontal airbags and doesn’t even take care of the central locking. No alloy wheels make it a hypocrite and to talk about the rest of the features, thank goodness it has a good power steering with a full swing control that makes it very handy through the streets even at greater speeds.

There is fine rather good amount of the frontal leg space but I wouldn’t talk about the rear space since I
did not find it matching up to the standards. The seats are comfortable like the previous models of Dzire
but the fabric used with this variant again is not up to the mark. Also there is no tachometer in the car, it
lacks certain exterior features such as adjustable rear view mirrors, etc.

There is little concern shown by Maruti in delivering a powerful engine that makes up for good pickup
and sufficient mileage but I would suggest buying higher variants as this one certainly fails to make an
impression. This might be good for the taxis but certainly not for a perfect family sedan. There are other
cars in the segment that are better trying out.

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Friday, October 19, 2012


Its perfect car in my point of you.

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