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User Reviews of Maruti Zen Estilo VXI (4)

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

By Kartik

Maruti Zen Estilo (a mere transformation of an old wine bottle into a new labeled one)

Pros : Nice fuel efficiency, good looks, Maruti’s trust, well transformed interiors and much better handling and ease of driving for long hours

Cons :High price tag, bad suspension and music system

A complete failure of new launches has forced the legendary Indian car manufacturer to give facelift to its entire available car band and come up with new astonishing products to satisfy its huge customer base. We are well versed with Maruti’s tendency to make a small modulation and turn.... [...]

Monday, October 3, 2011

By Renu

A real successor of the legendary Maruti Zen

Pros : Fuel Economy, Low Maintenance, Space, Looks, style and Maruti’s trust

Cons :Very congested and not good for long drive, less powerful and inherit less features as compared to other cars in the same segment

I took test drive of the all new Maruti Zen Estilo, successor of the most trusted product from Maruti next to the legendary Maruti 800 and here are my findings about it.    As we all know Maruti Suzuki is well known for serving old wine in new bottles. The same is done with this.... [...]

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

By Anant

Maruti Zen Estilo – Best small car with good fuel economy

Pros : Good mileage, low maintenance and capacious car

Cons :pick up and acceleration are the downside of this car

Hello !!! I am a big fan of automobiles and test driving potent machines is my passion. Although, I posses a small car named Zen Estilo, but I have lot of things to speak about other  cars as well. Well, coming back to the conversation, I would like to make you guys aware about the pros and.... [...]

Thursday, September 8, 2011

By Ram

ordinary hatchback

Pros : Maruti's engine

Cons :The cons are many

Maruti Suzuki's new and modified Zen Estilo is a box shaped piece of trash. It doesn't even look a car. The shape is really bad and it goes just unnoticed on the road. Exterior: They advertised the car with a get out of boxes advertisement. Though this car itself is a box. It has a.... [...]

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