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Mercedes Benz CLS Class 350 CGI Reviews


By Kunal

Price: 9,03,800


A class apart

Pros : almost all the things are pros

Cons : price makes it just a dream

Mercedes-Benz CLS Class is a range of amazing luxury sedans. I went to its dealership in the town and had a nice look at this range. I have always wanted to own one of these. The CLS Class is just a beautiful powerhouse range of cars from India's leading luxury carmaker Mercedes-Benz.

Exterior-I just cannot take my off this car. It is just so good to look at. The design of this car is amazing, and different from other Mercedes-Benz cars. The Headlights are different. The taillights are different. And the sloping roof is unfamiliar to Mercedes-Benz cars. But the front grille and the company's logo on it remain exactly the same.

Interior-The interiors neat and advanced and luxurious. The trunk is huge. My mouth and my eyes wide opened when I saw the space the trunk had. The dashboard is beautifully designed for this CLS Class. The seats are comfortable and cozy. The Ac vents, the tachometer, the leather wrapped steering wheel and gear knob, look amazing.

Engine and Performance-The 350 CGI is powered by 3498cc petrol engine. The 63 AMG is powered by 6208cc petrol engine. And the 350 CDI is powered by 2987cc Diesel engine. This data is as per the information on I didn't drive this beauty, but I read about it and learned that it is a mean machine. The power and handling is amazing. The engine is smooth, quiet and highly responsive.

Overall-Mercedes-Benz CLS Class is among the priciest cars available in India. But it is rightly priced. The car has luxury, the car has power, the car has advanced technology. CLS Class is vertainly one of the best from Mercedes-Benz. It's the dream of many people.

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Tuesday, September 20, 2011


The New Mercedes-Benz CLS Class is a amazaing luxury car with it is exciting bold design and sportiness.The car engines is power full and doing good work.The car is having LED Performance active is also having Adjustable steering wheel,Alloy wheels.CD player,Driver Airbag,Rear Head Rests.

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