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Mercedes Benz E Class E 350 CDI Avantgarde Reviews


By Aakash

Price: 9,03,800


Expecting a Lower range of Mercedes Benz E Class

Pros : luxurious exteriors, extravagant interiors and muscular performance

Cons : little costly


Hi people. I am Aakash from Heydrabad. Mercedes Benz E Class E 350 CDI Avantgarde is a car I recently got to acknowledge. My friend Sudhir recently bought one. When we went for night outs or on trips in his car then I noticed and experienced the sedan well. No doubt the Mercedes is a prestigious brand but when then it is not easily affordable by everyone. This is the reason why I am avoiding my liking towards this car. The car has got irresistible looks. And when one sits inside it, then its interiors pleases so much due to the features and audacity it has. 
 When I asked Sudhir to tell me some exciting things about this car which really makes it different from others then I was amazed to know he input makers have given in its making. The whole new environment has been created as Mercedes Benz E Class 350 CDI Avantgarde with all the luxuries, comforts, technologies that can entertain and excite anyone, the power with great stability on road, the safest features to protect the users at every step and many other things.
If this is offered in some other brand with some low range or even by Mercedes itself then surely I won’t give a single thought before buying it. Who does not want to have a car with all the latest advancements?  Being a diesel car it is best in outputs like fuel consumption, mileage, power and torque and engine working. It has become a dream for me which I want to fulfill and I hope one day I will surely make it possible. The quality offered by this car is not questionable and this makes me feel more passionate about this car.

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