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Mini Cooper 1.6 Reviews


By Siddharth

Price: 9,03,800


I would own Mini Cooper

Pros : high power, sporty, retro looks

Cons : little low on mileage

I have been a very big fan of Mini Cooper 1.6 and I always dream to own this hatchback someday. I personally like the design of this car both on the outside and from the inside. The car is not only good or beautiful from its looks, but it is also blessed with some world class features and a very good and powerful engine. The build quality has a very groovy retro feel to its looks, it has a list of customization options which seem like never ending and this car’s handling has a sporty feel to it, which really enhances the overall feeling of this car.

The car is sportier looking from each side and it has all its wheels at the corners which make it a good sports car but its best part is that it is packaged in a packet of a small hatchback. I like the alloy wheels and the strips this car has got on its bonnet very much. The large headlights, extensive chrome detailing, clamshell bonnet and a contrasting colored roof boast about the car’s retro feel. On the inside a similar story is repeated of the retro feel. The cabin and the dashboard are dripping out with retro feel which really grooves out from this car very much.

The car has perfectly weighted controls, an agile chassis and a very responsive steering really well together and never fails to make this car a star when it comes to the twisting roads. Here I would also like to talk about the immensely high acceleration this car has. The really takes a jump start and it may take a little time for some to get around its feel and drive. The car has been fitted with a very powerful engine and a descent amount of mileage. This car can deliver about 12.3 km per litre in the city premises and about 15.6 km per litre when it is on the highways. It can very easily reach to its top speed of 200 km per hour and the best part is that it is very smooth on its highest speed as well. It is very easy to control and maneuver this car at high speeds. I do not think that it will be good for me to talk about its normal features that are present there in the cars which rule the Indian roads these days, this car has it all.

The car has a very efficient air conditioner, power windows on all the windows, remote trunk opener, remote boot opener, alloy wheels, CD player, airbags for the driver, airbags for the front passenger, anti lock brake system and central locking system. You just have to name it and this car has all of those features. The car is very beautiful and really good and I dream to own it someday.

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