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Mini Cooper 1.6 Reviews


By Aakanksha

Price: 9,03,800


Mini Cooper is an Exclusive One

Pros : Uniquely designed, high power, retro look

Cons : mileage

The Mini Cooper 1.6 which belongs to the brand of BMW is one of the excellent cars in the market. I even own one. Hi friends. My name is Aakanksha and I am from Mumbai. Recently I got a car gifted by my dad and I was amazed of the choice he made for me. It was the best gift ever. I thanked him and he told me that he will always choose the best for me. Yes it is the best car.

With its retro looks that make it different from the regular cars in the market have made all my friends jealous. It would be looked down upon if it was not contrasted with recent technology and advanced features. But to everyone’s surprise it was actually consisting of everything it the other cars of its range in market. Whether it’s the engine or the interiors or even the entertainment package with safety features, all are of upgraded version.

Little disappointment arises on the mileage but with everything brilliant in it takes over that disappointment. The 1598 cc petrol engine liberates the power of 186 Ps @ 5500 rpm and the torque of 260 Nm @ 1600 rpm. I can drive it up to the highest speed of 210 kmph which is not an option in rivalry cars. The navigation system is the best feature that helps me a lot in locating nearby places and acknowledges me about my location. The xenon headlamps make its eye shaped headlamps twinkle like a star in dark. I can have a clear view in all weather seasons and enjoy weather due to the presence of sunroof and removable/convertible top. Interiors feel comfortable and soothing due to the function of heated seats which are adjustable according to one’s posture.

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