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Mini Cooper Countryman S Reviews


By Kunal

Price: 9,03,800


Hoping To Have a Mini Cooper Countryman

Pros : outstanding exteriors, safest in technology and great in performance

Cons : not easily affordable


Hi friends. I am Kunal from Mumbai. Last year I promised my sister to gift a car on her birthday. She had already given me a list of cars of her choice. Definitely it is not a small gift and more concerned issue is that I want to give her something which will be absolutely safe for her. So I was doing a research on cars in my budget. But lately she came to me with an unexpected excitement which was because her friend had recently bought Mini Cooper Countryman S. 
Now she is stuck to this new preference of her and pleading me to gift her same. Surely I would like to present her this very car as it is a BMW brand and the most trusted one in terms of safety and driving. But the price is beyond my limits and I can’t afford it. This is worrying me a little as I do not want to disappoint my little sister. 
I am now looking for a car that is a substitute of Mini Cooper Countryman S so that if not completely yet I can fulfill my sister’s expectations upto some extent. Though it is quite difficult because I have experienced the comfort and quality of Mini car and it is unbeatable. The car is powered with 1598 cc MPI petrol engine that gives it the power of 186 PS @ 5500 rpm and the torque of 260 Nm @ 2600 rpm. It looks gorgeous with the classy exteriors and makes users feel comfortable with the most soothing interiors. The safety of the car is looked by airbags, parking sensors, ABS, EBD and what not!

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