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Mitsubishi Montero 3.2 Reviews


By Aditya

Price: 9,03,800


Monster Montero

Pros : Power, Looks, Performance, Comfort

Cons : Fuel efficiency

The Mitsubishi Montero is premium segment SUV. It's a luxury car with power of hurricane. It's actually a monster, and makes you feel above everyone else on the road. It's built especially to suit Indian conditions, and so it delivers.

Exterior: The Mitsubishi Montero comes with sporty looks and elegant features. It sports xenon headlamps and chrome grill. The finishing on the SUV is nice. It gives proper SUV feel.

Interior: The seats are fitted with leather upholstery which make them confortable and smooth. The seats are adjustable and foldable. The seating capacity is 7. The AC is powerful. The 5.1 channel music system delivers crystal clear sound.

Engine: It's loaded with 3.2L 4-Cylinder inter cooled turbocharged diesel engine, that generates power of 165ps @ 3500rpm and 383 nm @ 2000rpm torque. The maximum speed it touches is 170 Km/h. The only concern is the 7.2 km/litre mileage its Diesel Engine delivers in the city. However, the highway mileage is efficient enough with 12 km/litre.

Handling and Performance: The Montero is superb in handling and performance. The huge and wide tyres provide with excellent grip in any condition. The Four-Wheel drive makes you confident to take it anyhwere you want. Plus, The 5 speed manual transmission makes for smooth gear shift.

Saferty: The airbags and ABS provide with excellent safety. The child safety lock is another important feature in the SUV. Moreover, RISE (Reinforced Impact Safety Ecolution) makes it safer ride.

Conclusion: :It is a superb car with luxurious features and comfort, and powerful engine and performance. It's the perfect example of how a SUV should be. Just go for it.

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