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Mitsubishi Outlander 2.4 Reviews


By Atulya

Price: 9,03,800


Wishing a Less Priced Mitsubishi Outlander

Pros : sporty looks, great performance, spacious interiors

Cons : costly


Hello everyone. I am Atulya from Luckhnow. Since last one month I am searching for the car that I will be best suited for me. After having so many test drives of different cars the one I liked the most is an SUV. It is Mitsubishi outlander 2.4. It is a sporty car which is of my choice. I am a little passionate and adventurous kind of a person. So I preferred it over sedans and hatchbacks. There is something that attracts me more towards SUVs. It is the basic fact that they are a superb off roader and so is Mitsubishi. 
With its terrific performance I had just fallen for the car and I wanted to take one home immediately. But when I glanced at the price then I had to face a little disappointment due to the fact that it was out of my budget. I found it a little costly. Undoubtedly it has got everything that can be upto anyone’s expectations but I was unable to afford it. 2360 cc engine of the SUV is powerful one and can liberate great power and mileage. The pickup and top speed are even good. When it is about the drive, it allows users to drive it with great ease. The interiors make it more relaxing by the comfort features present in the SUV. 
With all the safety features like airbags, ABS, EBD, traction control, cruise control and parking sensors it becomes very easy to control drive, park the car easily and be safe from sudden mishaps. Its jet fighter type front grille is something that has impressed me a lot. It makes the car’s exteriors a little muscular and even attracts more. I wish it to be a little low – priced and then I would have surely owned one. 

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