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Nissan Sunny Diesel Special Edition Reviews


By Rakesh

Price: 9,03,800


Nissan Sunny diesel special Edition: A special car for special people

Pros : Spacious Interiors, good fuel economy, easy to drive with awesome handling

Cons : Not suitable for city driving

Hi friends, I am Rakesh Saini and a proud owner of the Nissan’s carrrrr, I know you all got it, yes it’s none other than the Nissan’s Sunny and I have the diesel variant which is a real pain soother. I have purchased it 3 months back and I am very happy with the performance of the car, its mileage, luxury and safety features are the best in that price bracket. My wife is also looking for her car, she needs to travel close to 60kms a day and a spacious, comfortable and safe car is her prime necessity so we are again on the hunt of adding one more car to our family. Nissan has recently launched its special edition in diesel; we thought to check it out however my wife was not approved of my decision initially as we have one under our shed already.

Special edition looks new and agile. My wife started to check the stuff in which she is most interested in i.e. Interiors. They are spacious with ample of legroom and classy finish. She checked out the safety features as she is very cautious about it; she gets scared every time she hears of an accident.  Sunny comes fitted with air bags, anti lock breaking system and many other features which ensures the riders safety and makes it one of the safest sedan on the Indian terrain.

We also checked out the expert’s rating on safety features of the Sunny and it boosted my wife’s confidence further, she is now pretty convinced. All these won the trust of my wife and she agreed to accept the all new adoring Sunny as her new ride. We have booked our Sunny and it will take 30 days for the delivery. My wife is very happy about her purchase and eagerly waiting for the delivery to come in.

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