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Nissan Sunny XV Reviews


By Anirudh

Price: 9,03,800


Great car

Pros : price, space, features

Cons : looks

Nissan launched its new car Sunny just a few days ago. It is being the topic of discussions across the country. It has been available in foreign for a long time, but now it is India's turn to enjoy Nissan Sunny on Indian roads.

Exterior: Nissan Sunny is a proper sedan with pretty good looks. But it is longer than usual sedans. the look of the car is not very good, but it is not bad too. The body of the car has a nice finish, and the body colored door handles are also good.

Interior: Nissan Sunny is a big car, and thus very spacious. The legroom space is exceptional in the rear row, and the seats are nice and comfortable. The rear AC vents in Nissan Sunny is an added feature from Nissan. The instrument panel is good, and there are advanced features on it. The overall feel of the car is very good.

Engine: Nissan is a world favourite when it comes to engines and performance. Nissan Sunny is not a powerhouse, but it provides sufficient power and throttle to make it a typical Nissan product. It is smooth and corners very well. The mileage is also good, and the acceleration plus driving experience is nice.

Safety: Nissan Sunny has almost all the advanced safety features on it, the top end model XV, coming fully loaded.

Overall: Nissan Sunny is not just another car, it is special. There are many reasons for it including the price it comes at, and the space it offers. Comfortable ahead of its competitors, this car is a A1.

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Thursday, October 6, 2011


The car is an upcoming sedan from Nissan Motors India.it's comes with outstanding interior features.This car looks sporty and aggressive.



Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Have you purchased th caaar ? i am thinking to buy but confused so gve ur review

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