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Nissan Teana 250 XV Reviews


By Jaidev

Price: 9,03,800


A good looking luxurious sedan

Pros : Good looks, stylish comfortable interiors, powerful engine, a unique design, ample boot and rear space that gives a big car feel

Cons : Too pricy for the overall package

I drove Nissan’s Teana recently and here are my findings; nice stylish looks and sleek design makes it a very attractive drive. I will say it’s a divine beauty and rocks the show. When I was driving on road I found everybody gazing at the car with a question in mind “which car is this?” and everybody seemed so interested that a lady even asked me about the price and specifications of the vehicle.

I drove it on NH14, though it’s a highway but conditions were just like a city. Initially I was driving at 60 as per speedometer but I felt like it’s no more than 20. It’s so soft and fluffy from inside that I once thought of having a nice sleep after sometime I got the chance of increasing speed and I pressed accelerator a bit hard and the car responded like a leopard running after his prey. I was at 145km/hr and it was that moment when I came to understand its great combination of power, prestige, comfort and style, though the back is bulky and would look slightly odd to most Indians. Mileage is great and it gives 10.5 on highways.

Overall it’s a good value for money but the price segment it comes in is very competitive and giants like Honda, Skoda, BMW and Toyota are always been the key players and a big challenge to Nissan but Nissan has some well prepared. After sales service is still not sound enough as company holds less number of service centers but company is working hard on this weak aspect too. It’s a nice cool vehicle which gives a feel of space and comfort of a limo at a price of an ordinary sedan.

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Monday, August 6, 2012


Nissan Teana price is too high.



Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Nissan Teana was launched in India one year ago and has been most popular due to its excellent comfort...

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