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Porsche Cayman S Reviews


By Rachita

Price: 9,03,800


I wish I could own a Porsche Cayman

Pros : uniquely designed, sturdy engine and completely safe

Cons : high priced


Hi friends. My name is Rachita and I live in Kolkata. I am keen interested in cars and want one of the best for me. My dream car is Porsche Cayman S. I love this car very much for what it is. Its superb and different styling impresses me a lot. But I wish it could be a little low budget and I could afford one. With the feature present in it, it is a jackpot to be achieved. 
When I first saw it, I was unable to take my eyes off it. I asked my dad to get me one but he said that it is a little out of budget for him to buy this car for me. I wish its some variant have been there in market with a lesser price. Then for sure I would have owned it.
It is even very powerful due to the 3436 cc petrol engine present in it which can boost out the maximum power of 324 Ps @ 6500 rpm and the peak torque of 370 Nm @ 4750 rpm. With this much powerful engine it is not at all a girly car. It can be used as for sporty adventure trips. And for this much fun it has been assured with the best safety features. If it would have been in market with a lesser price then surely these things wouldn’t be restored in that variant upto this mark but yet the quality of Porsche and the designing of Porsche Cayman S could be not less than a royal feast. Such brands are perfectionist enough to bring themselves up in any range and I hope they soon launch one not so high priced car of their level in the market.

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