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Renault Duster Diesel RXL Six Speed Reviews


By Gokul

Price: 9,03,800


An SUV for a sedan enthusiast

Pros : daunting presence, 110 power, satisfactory plastic

Cons : off roading ability, after sales, spare tyre

I currently own Opel Astra sedan and since last 1 year was looking to upgrade to a premium sedan like the Honda City or spacious MPV like Maruti Ertiga. In the meantime there were also news of Renault Duster coming to India, but I was not at all interested as I always thought this will another failure by Renault with high-price being the main reason, like the Renault Koleos SUV. But since it’s unveiling at Auto Expo and speculations that it will be a lower displacement SUV, I had at the back of my mind that Renault will try to improve its image among the car buyers and will price it lower. Anyways looking at the imposing design of Renault Duster one could not utter the word ‘in-expensive’ because it has got the true muscle-line of proper SUV and space of a MPV. But recently the launch took place and the tempting prices were out.

Hence, now I have made up my mind of going for the Renault Duster Diesel that has 110PS of power, which will be good for me I mean vehicle control wise as I have never experienced an SUV. The diesel version has got decent mileage of 19kmpl along with the reliable 1.5L that comes in Renault Pulse. I drove my friends Pulse Diesel it was refined driving experience for me. The interiors are no doubt spacious but the convenient features to me look less, as seen in the brochure. Being a smaller engine it is will surely lack the off roading stuff, but I am ok with it as who will do such stunts when inflation is at its highest. The stepny/spare wheel is under the hidden cargo area, which I thing should have been at the back as that would have given it a more ferocious presence. Last and major issue or concern is after sales service, which is good but in limited numbers unlike Maruti.

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Kapil Verma

Friday, July 6, 2012


Renault Duster is an average SUV.



Friday, July 6, 2012


Recently launched its hoped-to-be volume puller SUV Renault Duster.


Hanuman Gupta

Thursday, July 12, 2012


Renault duster has quality interior.



Friday, July 13, 2012


When I took Duster - Diesel for short test ride in city, I have observed the need for more power, when the gears are changed from second to third. It has good pickup on first and second, but when you peak at second gear and shift to third gear, suddenly you find the pedal is not that responsive, as expected. You get a feel for wanting more power. Otherwise, engine is smooth. Has anybody felt the same? Looks are great. Space is sufficient. Height is good. Good boot space. Car handling also smooth. Need to take the car on long run to see, the car drive in other gears.

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