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Renault Duster Diesel RXL Reviews


By Narayan Venkatraman

Price: 9,03,800


Duster – A good car in hands of pathetic customer service

Pros : Good looking, capacious, powerful, mileage

Cons : pathetic customer service

I am Narayan Venkatraman from Trivandrum, Kerela. If anyone asks me which is favourite car, I would certainly say its Renault Duster and if someone asks me which car company has pathetic customer service, I would say Renault, followed by Volkswagen. I suffered a lot earlier when I bought Volkswagen Polo two years back and this time its Renault Duster Diesel RXL that has made me suffer a lot. I had to wait for a time period of 1.5 months to get a test drive, it includes around hundreds of phone calls to the dealer along with one visit to the showroom weekly.

I was so curious to become one of the proud owners of Renault Duster Diesel RXL, but my proudness shattered when delivery of my car got delayed by around 1 month. I would say its pathetic customer service from an evolving auto-brand.

Talking about the car, it is good in all aspects like style, interior space, engine power and fuel efficiency. Also, the features installed in it are considerable. However, the interior quality is not up to the mark. They have used cheap plastic on the dash board. In addition, the quality of seat fabrics is also so-so. Despite of these draw backs I would say the car is good at its price tag. But, if Renault wants to grow in the Indian automobile industry, I think they will have to put their customers on the first priority, otherwise results could be similar as auto-brands like Opel and Fiat.

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Friday, March 22, 2013


I agree more than 200 percent about their pathetic customer services and Dealers.Apparently they do not provide even the contact number or the addresses of the responsible persons to whom you can contact for your complains/grievances. Their system is not customer friendly and clean and open.


B. Santo

Friday, August 16, 2013


Cant find even right contact numbers on the web site. Contact nos given are all wrong. You call and they are not working numbers. Absurd customer service. Leading brand like Renault needs to do something in india. Abroad its fantastic .

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