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Renault Scala RXL AT Reviews


By Pranav Sharma

Price: 9,03,800


Impressed with huge space in the Renault Scala AT

Pros : high amount of power, huge space inside the car

Cons : the outer body could have been made a bit fresher

I had purchased the Renault Scala RXL AT about one month ago. And I should say here that I am very much impressed with this car which was the choice of my wife. The car comes filled with many features and many of them are new and unique to a car of this level. The car is charged by power of a 1498 cc engine which takes its power from petrol. The car has a very efficient and smooth automatic transmission system.

The automatic transmission system not only helps me in driving this car smoothly but it also helps me in saving me a lot of fuel with precise timing of shifting gears. The car is designed to deliver a very good amount of power with a huge amount of comfort with high amount of space in it. The car has a very high amount or I should say huge amount of space inside it. The car can easily fit five people inside it who are seated at their respective seats very comfortably. The car also produces a good amount of power which really makes driving this car a lot of fun with a very high amount of comfort. The car is also made more comfortable with a very good shock absorption system.

The high quality of shock absorption system which is used in this car makes this car almost glide over the bumps on the roads. The mileage of this car, as I had said earlier is very good and it makes the car to be more efficient in the long run. The storage space in this car is also very good which really helps me a lot as I have to go on short trips for my work and I have a bad habit of traveling heavy in almost all of my trips, and hence I need a lot of storage space in my car, which this car has inside it. The only thing which I do not like very much about this car is outer body of this car. I am not saying that it is bad or I hate it. But all I am saying is that I feel that the company could have worked more on the outer design of this car. This can be only my point of view and may be many of the people will not agree with me on this.

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