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Skoda Fabia Petrol Elegance Reviews


By Jahir

Price: 9,03,800


Smart looking, but old fashioned car

Pros : engine and outer look

Cons : interior look

Skoda is one of my favourite car companies. I just love the look of its cars. Skoda's cars also provide impressive power to say the least. Skoda Fabia is no exception to this. This hatchback makes you feel really special. It is one of the best hatchbacks avaialable in the country. No ignoring it.

Exterior: Skoda Fabia is an impressive looker. It is designed in typical Skoda fashion. The front grille and the logo on it is almost the same as other Skoda cars. Its headlights and tail lamps look super cool. The design is different and fresh. It also looks longer and wider than other hatchbacks available in the country.

Interior: Skoda Fabia is a decent car when seen from the interior. The car, though not very stylish and fresh, has some good features and space available. The trunk is larger than many hatchbacks, and the rear passengers also feel happy with more legroom. The music system is good and the sound quality doesn't disappoint.

Engine: Skoda Fabia is present in Petrol and Diesel versions. Both the versions are really good. I have driven both the versions, and I must say, both are amazing machines. The engines from Skoda have never been a topic of skeptism. There is no glitches in performance, and it makes up for a smooth and easy ride.

Overall: Skoda Fabia is one of the best options available in the country, in the hatchback segment. It is a better performer than most of them, but is slightly unerrated. But this new version should enthrall the buyers and Skoda Fabia should be seen more often on the road, than ever before.

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Tuesday, September 27, 2011


The car is a good looking.this car sitting is comfortable.Mileage is deadly good.The car exterior very good and stylish.it is lot of safety features.The car is having deadly good interior (Space,Features,Comfort)5 seater and very large boot.


Aakriti Sharma

Friday, May 25, 2012


I find the front and side views of Fabia amazing,the front grill, headlights and foglamps all come together to give it a very macho and sporty look...



Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Skoda Fabia is giving small luxury car feels.



Monday, September 24, 2012


This car has good space available and gives good performance...

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