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Skoda Laura Petrol Ambiente Reviews


By Kavindra

Price: 9,03,800


Good value for money

Pros : Nice bold looks, great styling, powerful engine, spacious comfortable interiors, good fuel economy, soft suspensions, high ground clearance, ride handling is superb & turning radius is relatively low

Cons : Engine is slightly noisy, spares parts are costly and high maintenance cost

I recently purchased Skoda’s Laura and am very happy with the overall performance of the vehicle. My daily commute is close to 40 kms and I enjoy journey a lot. The key features which makes it a nice ride; A very powerful engine which is slightly noisy but its noise makes me feel like I am driving Lamborghini Marcelago, pedals are very soft and car gallops on a slight press, a/c is amazing, interiors are very comfortable and spacious specially rear side which has ample space for 4 people to seat in comfortably. Car offers high ground clearance and handling at high speed is marvelous, even at 150 km/hr its feels like driving at 80 or 90. Steering is a real softy and a small flick can change the direction to 90 degrees which is amazing.

Exteriors are stunning and very sleek highly finished looks makes it a very sexy drive. Maintenance cost is slightly more than other sedans sharing the segment and company needs to improve the after sales service which is not that impressive and sometimes I really need to work hard to make them understand the pain areas. Spares are costly but as per company they are rugged enough to run 80000 to 90000 kms and you can trust them on it. Loads of safety features makes it a very safe vehicle and sunroof is great, adds pleasure on long drive

As per me it’s a best value for money and gives a good enjoyable hassle free ride and I want to thank Skoda for blessing Indians with high end products of modern engineering.

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Ronak Jain

Thursday, June 7, 2012


Amazing handling at exceptional speeds, very low turning radius, high ground clearance, good fuel efficiency and very refined and elegant exteriors ........

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