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Skoda Laura Petrol Ambition Reviews


By Vishal Agnihotri

Price: 9,03,800


My best car of all times Skoda Laura

Pros : Smart exteriors and very decently priced

Cons : Maintenance cost is high and spares are very costly.

Going for a petroleum car is a tedious task in today’s time when the fuel prices are at their all time high making it difficult for the car lovers to access all they want and compacting the totality of options one can go for but my dear friends till the time we have great engineers like the French pioneer Skoda with us, we are not required to take the least of worries. Hi all, its Vishal Agnihotri from the city of dreams Mumbai, eager to share my moments of pride with you all. I have purchased the Skoda’s best “the Laura”.

Car is an adept piece of modern engineering and is a result of good market research done; it includes all of what one can think off. It’s a drive of all terrains, one can use it as a city wagon, exhilarating highway companion, uneven terrain pain sucker and one thing that remains common is the rider’s comfort and safety which are the basic tenets of company’s ideology behind manufacturing a car.

My Laura hosts the loads of features which truly portrays the best return on the cost incurred. Beefy exterior design with beautifully articulated front, sides makes it a show stopper. Interiors are the eye catcher and I feel proud in owing the best of upholstery, sitting comfort and space in the category and not just the car is a signature for providing the judicious mix of power and mileage, both are intertwined to give the owner best of both worlds.

Going on long drives is among the most exciting experiences for me today, me and my Laura are the best friends of all times. I am planning to enjoy the coming Holi holidays on a hill station away from the scorching heat of Mumbai. After owning Laura I got the feeling that best needs the best and the best can only fill your life with happiness.

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