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Skoda Rapid Petrol Active Reviews


By Rohan

Price: 9,03,800


A good action packed package at much affordable price

Pros : Sporty looks, powerful engine, good fuel efficiency and refreshing interiors

Cons : Rear viewing is still a glitch and diesel engine noise

I took Skoda Rapid’s test drive recently and came out with a good satisfying experience which helped me made my mind; hope would prove to be of great help to all reading my small jottings. Car looks like a sporty glamorous babe at the very first glance, beautiful headlamps, nicely embedded fog lights and an equally beautiful rear lights makes it a typical French beauty redesigned to excite Indian customers. It’s a mind boggling ride which has capacity to exhilarate every rider greedy for comfort, good fuel economy, great handling and luxurious feel.

Exteriors are designed carefully to give a new look and styling of the vehicle is great on all sides. It looks like a high end sedan equipped with all the amenities and ready to ride your mood on. Rapid comes with a powerful 4 cylinder engine with displacement of 1598cc which generates good 105 PS of power at 5250 rpm of torque and reaches 0-100 in just 10 seconds pretty amazing. Tyres are much broad than before and provides good grip over the road and taking sharp turns is like cutting butter with a sharp edged dagger. A slight press of acceleration and engine roars like a lion all set to take our filthy roads. I drove car on NH8 at 140 and ride handling was superb all the time overtaking trucks was very easy and power steering was very responsive and a slight movement turns the car.

Interiors are very luxurious and upholstery used is of very high quality. Seats are very comfortable and are provided with ample legroom. Pricing is great and after sales service is good as per dealer. It’s a nice ride and good gap filler for Skoda and is their ticket to enter our most competitive segment.

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Kapil Verma

Monday, September 10, 2012


It's Engine makes bad noise.

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