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Tata Aria Pure 4x2 Reviews


By Babulal

Price: 9,03,800


An ordinary car with good looks

Pros : Spacious, Advanced

Cons : Interior, High Price

Tata Aria has been launched in competition to Toyota Innova. Tata Aria has the same body type and almost same engine specifications as Toyota Innova. Though it is slightly costlier than Innova.

Exterior: Tata Aria is really big in terms of length and width. Ofcourse its a plus point as it is a MUV. One thing Tata has been doing is that keeping their new cars similar to Indica. The design of the car almost the same as Indica. Though it is bigger than Indica. The MUV looks compact and nice.

Interior: Aria has really spacious interior as compared to other cars. Though it doesn't look luxurious at all. The dashboard looks cheap and the quality is alo just passable. The seats are just fine. The feel of the car isn't maintained on the inside. Though it comes with some advanced gadgets installed on the dashboard which make your ride and experience better.

Engine: The MUV features a 2.2L 4 Cylinder engine which is powerful but noisy. The overall ride quality of Tata Aria isn't that good as it is supposed to be.

Performance: The performance of Aria is quite descent. There's nothing special about it. There are better options avaialable in the same price range which have better performance.

Verdict: Tata Aria is a descent performer, but with a few limitations. It could have been really better. Though, it's a fine car with a fine feel to it. You can go for it if you no issues with minor cons.

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Vikas Jain

Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Tata Aria is good looking car Aria really spacious interior as compared to other cars, but i am not impressed with car mileage...


Lucky Singh

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


We can say big family car.

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