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Tata Grande EX MK II DICOR - BS 4 Reviews


By Riyaz A Shaikh

Price: 9,03,800


problems in dicor engine

Pros : fully loaded with all latest & additional features

Cons : low fuel, suspension and computerised check cost problems


i was supose to purchase Tata Grande EX MK II Dicor, but sorry to say that i found there are few problems which needs to be concentrated by your self like

1. Low fuel / Low quality fuel - here every time its needs to be expensive for change of head fuel etc for the needed

2. Suspension problem at certain kilometer

3. Every big / small problem needs to be checked through  computerised which cost expensive every time here good technology is used but every time costs much

4. All the above maintenance cost is expensive.

sir/madam sorry to say this all above Tata motors are less maintenance and Dicor engines have good pickup and more milage but the above problems needs to be rectified

so i am forced to go head or you can say to compromise with Tata Grande EX MK II TURBO withing 3/4 days

if any rectification or any sort of assurance is given for which i can go for my first preference.

hope you understand and do the needful

your earliest action will be highly appreciable

Thanking You

Riyaz A Shaikh


#3, Block C, Shanti Colony,

Vidyanagar, Hubli-580021.

Dharwad, Karnataka, India.


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Thursday, October 18, 2012


Whats disadvantage of the sumo grande car model why not popular in the indian market.this is the good & very comfortable in large vehicle so which problem why doesnt sell to markets.. what reason present in the suv's

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