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Tata Grande EX MK II TURBO - BS 3 Reviews


By Navin

Price: 9,03,800


A Hulk with enormous space inside

Pros : Enormous space inside in all the three rows, very good bold styling; handling is great and despite of the big size it offers high ground clearance

Cons : Mileage is not impressive; material used to build interiors is tacky and doesn’t carry the reputation of the vehicle well

I have been using Tata Sumo Grade for the last 15 months. I am an architect and my work profile includes visiting places of all kind of terrains and in order to serve my purpose I was looking for a strong, hard and rugged vehicle which is empowered to bear anything and is always ready to serve even in the most adverse circumstances and I opt for Tata’s Sumo Grande because it serves both of my purpose, strong vehicle with ample space inside and believe me guys it’s a deadly alluring combination.

I have always been a great admirer of SUV’s and like them for their power, comfort, style and luxury. Their capacity to explore any terrain without a hassle puts them on the top of many people’s preference list. Sumo as the very name suggests is amply spaced from inside with all the rows have their separate a/c vents, means good cooling in all spheres. I like the legroom it provides which is highest in all SUV’s. Drive handling is great and maintenance cost for such a bulky vehicle is very much small and it’s like taming an elephant in a cost of a pomerian. Mileage is slightly less and material used to build interiors is degrading the reputation of the vehicle.

Overall it’s a best value for money and a very powerful amply spaced weapon in the hands of passionate off roaders empowering them to unleash their desires and a best family vehicle for long trips.

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