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Tata Indica eV2 Xeta GL Reviews


By Avnish

Price: 9,03,800


Disappointed with the Xeta!

Pros : decent mileage, spacious

Cons : buzzing engine, poor suspensions, low quality interiors

My long drive experiences with the Tata Indica Ev2 Xeta GL have been not up to the mark, thanks to the more number of cons in the car. Not being more sarcastic, I will talk about the facts now. I was recently on my way to Ahmedabad from Bharuch and there were certain issues I shockingly figured out the first time ever since I bought this car. The engine suddenly turned very buzzing and I had to stop at regular intervals through my journey in order to ensure that nothing wrong was cooking inside. Cooling the engine periodically resulted in my time getting stretched to an extent I never wanted. Other raw and very disappointing issues concerned me over my drive and started thinking whether it was a mistake buying this car.

The spacious interiors are fine but then I had to compromise with my comfort since driving the Indica Xeta is quite a hectic aspect. It is seemingly very uncomfortable from the point of the person driving. Moreover nothing is more disappointing than the suspensions failing to do their job. It becomes bumpier and bumpier as you go along the way. The only thing I was satisfied with was the mileage. It gave me around 18 Kmpl through the trip and then I realized that perhaps the only thing that is right with the car is the fuel economy and this why maybe people get attracted to the car. Moreover, now I know why it is popular in the taxi business. However the handling of the car was another problem since I don’t know why but the alignment of the steering gets disturbed quite frequently. I am one very dissatisfied customer and so, all you Indica lovers, please don’t mind my personal opinion.

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Monday, January 7, 2013


My brother has this car its quite impressive car..

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