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Tata Indica Vista Diesel Quadrajet VX 90HP Reviews


By Ravi

Price: 9,03,800


Waiting for the Tata Indica Vista VX 90HP

Pros : highly comfortable, easy to drive, good mileage

Cons : no airbags

I have a business of tours and travels here in the beautiful city of Chandigarh. I had started this business three years ago with a number of two taxis. Gradually things started working in my favor and my tours and travels business is on the boom. The number of tourists that drop in and go out of the city is on a daily increase. Hence my taxis are regularly used or I should say they never stop. From last some months I had been thinking to increase my taxi business and too with a large bang.

I have planned to buy three more taxis and add it to my fleet where two cars are already there. I have decided to take this decision because there is a regular increase in demand of taxis from the market. There is a very strict competition out there and I do not want to be the one lagging behind in it. As I have earlier said that there is a constant rise in the number of our customers, and where there is rise in need more output has to be delivered, that is a very old rule of business. And hence I want to expand my fleet of cars.

After thinking a lot on the same and considering many cars for the buy I have finally decided to go for the Tata Indica Vista Qaudrajet VX 90HP. I have chosen to go for this car because I wanted to go for something reliable and yet it needed to be fresh. This particular variant has been just launched and we all know about the success of its earlier variants. This particular car has been very successful in all the forms that it is made till now. Be it in the hatchback style or sedan style with the ‘Indigo’. The new variant has some changes; both in the outer body and on the interiors. The car promises and delivers a very good amount of mileage, both, inside and outside the city. This fact is really important for any one as the fuel prices are constantly going up and I being in the transport business have to worry about it a bit too much.

The interiors of the car are highly comfortable and are fitted with many premium features. This can get very comfortable for the customers and make their journey much more peaceful and luxurious. The driver’s comfort of the car is very good and it is very easy for anyone to drive the car. There is an ample amount of space for any one inside the car which makes the journey even more pleasurable. The only thing which disappoints me a bit is the lack of airbags in the car. Unfortunately there are no airbags in the car not even for the driver.

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