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Tata Indica Vista Petrol Safire 65 GLX Reviews


By Ankur

Price: 9,03,800


My Tata Vista Petrol Saffire 65 GLX

Pros : plenty of space inside the car, good air condition, good looks

Cons : low mileage

I have purchased a Tata Vista Petrol Saffire 65 GLX last November. Due to my constant work in which I have been very busy and due to that I have not been able to get my car serviced. I have missed the first service of my car and I do not think that I will be able to get my car serviced any time soon. My car is working quite well till now and all of its features are working fine till now. My car has got many features which are enough for a simple person like me. My car has a good amount of power for a car of this price and genre.

It offers very comfortable seats and a very good amount of space for legs and shoulders inside it. The car easily and comfortably makes five people sit in it. I am very impressed by this thing as I have a family of five which includes me as well. And I go at many places with my family, and trust me the ride is really comfortable and smooth for all of us. The car offers a very good air conditioning system which makes our journey more comfortable and joyful. Another thing which I like about this car is that there is a very low amount of noise inside the cabin of this car. Be it the noise of its engine or noise from outside environment, my car covers it all and ensures even more comfort for the journey.

The interiors are lavishly dressed up which give the feeling of luxury to all the people who take a ride in my car. The mileage of my car is also quite good but I really wish that it could give more in city driving. As my car is mostly used in the city and is rarely taken outside the city. Other than that I do not have any problems with this car of mine. I am only worried about what will happen if I cannot get the car serviced regularly. I therefore need the help from each and every one of you in this. Please suggest me the ways which I can use to take good care of my car without getting it serviced regularly. What kind of problems can I face? And how should I avoid them on my own without getting it serviced? Please suggest and help me with this. I am really looking forward to your help and suggestions.


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