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Tata Indica Vista Petrol Safire 65 GVX Reviews


By Rahul

Price: 9,03,800


Tata Indica Vista, easy on my pocket

Pros : decent price, impressive mileage

Cons : lack of safety features


It has been 2 years that I have been a proud owner of Tata Indica Vista Petrol Safire 65 GVX. This car has always made me and my family happy. My car has all that, which gives me utter comfort during the drive. However, there are few things that do disappoint me in Tata Indica Vista Petrol Safire 65. But with the small price, these things don’t matter much. The car doesn’t have many safety features. The car misses out on features like anti-lock braking system, electronic brake force distribution system and brake-assist. But to compensate, the car has seat belts for all, central locking system and very responsive brakes I must say. 
What makes my Tata Indica Vista Petrol Safire 65 GVX superb cool is the engine fitted under the bonnet. 1.2 litre Safire 65 petrol engine performs very well on road and the five speed manual transmission coupled with the engine makes the fuel efficiency very inspiring. The mileage delivered by the car is one of the most interesting things here. It gives out 11.7 kmpl of mileage on the city roads, while when we travel out of station via car, the mileage goes up to 16.8 kmpl on the highways. 
Besides the impressive mileage, the interiors and comfort of Tata Indica Vista Petrol Safire 65 GVX are also good. The car comes with all basic comfort features that make my family happy during the ride. The air conditioning system is quite effective during the high heat summer season, while the heater works well in chilly weather. The power steering wheel makes the ride and handling of the car very smooth. The power windows are present for the front, while absent on the rear. The luggage space is also one of the things that impress me here. It can adjust quite large luggage bags, thereby making out long road trips very easy and comfortable. 
On the whole, my Tata Indica Vista Petrol Safire 65 GVX is a good deal if your budget is tight and you wish to purchase a petrol hatchback. However, there are many competitors in the market these days, but ‘Tata’ brand has its reputation and this makes me keep this car even more with me. 

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